Blu-ray Player Software(also known as Blu-ray media player), is a Blu-ray media library application used for playing Blu-ray discs, BDMV folders and Blu-ray ISO files on the computers running the Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems.

Blu-ray player software is more advanced than common media players, such as VLC media player, MPlayer and Windows Media Player, etc. It includes a large number of decoding and encoding libraries to read Blu-ray information, remove Blu-ray protection and support Blu-ray playback. Blu-ray player software can read Blu-ray disc information directly from the source disc and then play the blu-ray movie. Most of the Blu-ray player software can also play Blu-ray ISO files.

Blu-ray player software mainly falls into two general categories: UFUSoft Windows Blu-ray player and UFUSoft Mac Blu-ray player depending on the computer operating system it is running on.