Blu-ray to iPhone X/8 – Transfer and Play Blu-ray on iPhone X/8

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How can I play Blu-ray on iPhone X/8? Is there a way to transfer Blu-ray to iPhone X/8 for watching on the go? If you are looking for the way to get Blu-ray movies to iPhone X/8 for playing, you’d better read this article, we will share the best software to help you play Blu-ray on iPhone X/8 freely.

How to get Blu-ray to iPhone X/8?

Several months ago Apple released the new iPhone X/8, this new phone has powerful hardware equipment, it can run your apps or games smoothly. What’s more, it’s the best device for you to take when you go travel, you can use it to watch movies to kill time.

After bought the iPhone X/8, many users want to transfer some movies onto it for playing on the go, some users will choose to copy videos from computer to iPhone X/8, and some other users have the need to get Blu-ray disc movies to iPhone X/8 for watching. But, for most users it is not so easy to get Blu-ray to iPhone X/8, because the Blu-ray disc movies we purchased are copy protected, we can’t copy movies from Blu-ray disc to iPhone X/8 directly. In this case, which program can help us get rid of Blu-ray disc copy protection and get Blu-ray to iPhone X/8? What you need is UFUSoft Blu-ray Toolkit software, this is top software that can help you rip Blu-ray to unprotected HD videos, and then you transfer converted Blu-ray movies to iPhone X/8 for watching freely.

Best Blu-ray/DVD converter for iPhone X/8

UFUSoft Blu ray Toolkit is the best software for you if you have the need to convert Blu-ray disc movies, DVD disc movies, it has the ability to rip purchased Blu-ray disc movies and DVD movies to any unprotected common videos, such as convert Blu-ray to MP4 for iPhone X/8, convert Blu-ray to MOV, convert Blu-ray to MKV, etc. besides Blu-ray and DVD disc movies, you can also use UFUSoft Blu-ray Toolkit to play Blu-ray movies on PC or Mac or Copy Blu-ray to you hard drive or computer.

Download Blu ray to iPhone X/8 Converter for Windows:

Download Blu ray to iPhone X/8 Converter for Mac:

Convert Blu-ray to iPhone X/8

Step 1. Load BD/DVD to this iPhone X/8 video converter

Download the iPhone X/8 video converter through the link. Install and launch this Blu-ray to iPhone X/8 converter on your computer. Then click “Load Disc” button to load Blu-ray or DVD disc movies that you want to convert, you can also load the Blu-ray and DVD disc, disc image, or folder to this iPhone X/8 Blu-ray converter. If you have multiple video files which are needed to convert, you can add them to a folder, and then add the folder to this software for doing batch video conversion.

Blu-ray to Asus ZenFone 4 Pro

Step 2. Choose output format for iPhone X/8

From Apple iPhone X/8 product page we now MP4, MOV and M4V formats are supported by iPhone X/8, this software has many optimized output formats, you can click format bar and choose Common Video -> H.264 MP4, you can also choose iPhone X/8 supported video format in “HD Video” category.

watch Blu-ray movies on Asus ZenFone 4 Pro

Step 3. Adjust output settings

This Blu-ray to iPhone X/8 Converter has easy-to-use customization feature, after you selected the output format you can click Setting and adjust the video and audio parameters easily. You can adjust the video and audio codec, resolution, bitrate, etc. for example: Compress the 4K to 1080p, convert 1080p Blu-ray to 720p movie. We recommend you to adjust the parameters to a little lower, it will produce small file size, and it will use less conversion time.

Step 4. Start Blu-ray to iPhone X/8 conversion

After picking up the right output format for iPhone X/8, please set an output folder to save the converted video sources. Then click “Convert” to start conversion for iPhone X/8. When the Blu-ray to iPhone X/8 conversion is finished, you can play Blu-ray on iPhone X/8 freely.